Localization for indie game developers

Localization for indie game developers

Hello everyone! Great news: this week I’ll be attending GIC – Game Industry Conference, from what I heard the must-attend event for the game industry! And if that wasn’t exciting enough, on Friday 21/10, I’ll be talking about localization for indie game devs! So let’s meet on Friday, 5pm in the Intel Hall, I’ll share some tricks & cheats on getting the best results from free / cheap game localization.

Here you can find more info regarding the Game Industry Conference.  I’ll be there for the weekend so just let me know if you want to chat! I’ll share more details on my twitter, link on the twitter icon above, so stay tuned!

Hi! I’m Asia, I run an English-Polish game localization & copywriting team, Mana Translation. October 2017 I was a speaker at the Game Industry Conference and in March 2017 I talked at the Translation and Localization Conference in Warsaw about reference materials in game localization. Well educated and experienced in the localization field, I’m also interested in game development, especially game design. In my spare time, I’m making games, learning Japanese, and training with my dog.

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